Join us at the Conservation Biogeography Lab


Student admission has become an increasingly competitive process. Our lab receives annually lots of applications of new students who wants to work with us. Since we don't have space and time to deal with all request, we select the new students based on his/her skills in Ecology, Conservation Biology, GIS and English, but also on his/her ability to work and learn hard. Here is some information about the lab, the expectations we have for graduate students, and the application process at UFG and Unicamp.

Graduate work in the lab //


Our interests are pretty varied, and graduate student projects in the CB-Lab can potentially span a whole range of topics. For the most part, we expect students to work on some question about systematic conservation planning, spatial conservation prioritization, species distribution modeling, climate change effects on biodiveristy and ecosystem services or patterns of functional and phylogenetic diversity.

Expectations // 

Although we collaborate often with students on projects of mutual interest, we believe that finding your own niche and carving out your own research program is a critical part of your grad school experience. Our job is to help you achieve that by providing the context for your learning. Your job is to bring with you the motivation and the independence to get it done.


About funding for graduate work: students in at UFG or Unicamp has no guarantee of funding (in the form of scholarships from CNPq, CAPES or FAPESP) for their Master or Ph.D, although most students do get such funding in their first year of course. We strongly prefer students commited to their thesis and with no commitment with other jobs.

What to do if you want to apply //

First: check out the UFG and Unicamp Graduate School websites to learn more about the departments and graduate life here in Goiânia (GO) and in Campinas (SP).


Second: drop us a note (loyola[at]ufg[dot]com) - tell us what you are interested in, what you've done in the past, and how you fit in to my lab. It would be also good to receive a project proposal with 4 (for Ph.D) chapters and state clearly your system of interest, questions and hypothesis (if there are so) you intend to test. Students are expected to have good background on GIS techniques. Before getting in contact, take some time to read some papers of our lab members and see if you are interested in what we do.


Third: check out the forms and deadlines for UFG and Unicamp Graduate School applications. Please, get in touch soon!


Finally, the lab has a great atmosphere of friendship and we enjoy working in what we do. We are looking for students who like challenges and who are willing to collaborate with his/her lab mates.